New Stained Glass Windows


Stained Glass Windows Arrive for Memorial Library

Please visit the Memorial Library to view the magnificent stained glass windows on both the south and east walls. In memory of Jan Knudsen and Jeanette Klickman, both families and friends provided the funding for these windows and the repair of the stained glass windows dividing the nave and the narthex. What a wonderful gift to Gloria Dei!
A task force including Bill Knudsen, Matt Klickman, Lois Schultz, Larry Modine and Liz Rudy researched several vendor options over this past year settling on The Stained Glass Store of Des Moines, IA. (The group received a strong recommendation and was able to view their work at Edgebrook Lutheran Church in Chicago where restorative and new stained glass was installed.) Given the direction to complement the current stained glass at Gloria Dei, keep with the contemporary design of the Gathering Area and library and to incorporate a Luther’s Rose, each vendor submitted their designs. It was clear from the get-go that Alan McDermott of The Stained Glass Store both listened well and created a spectacular design fulfilling each of the requests.
Alan is a decorated designer with awards from Port Con in San Diego and The Boulder Stained Glass Expo in Colorado. In 2004, his designs for Faith Lutheran Church in Clive, Iowa won the American Institute of Architects “Excellence in Craft” award. He has also been the first stained glass maker to be accepted into the Iowa Artists competition as fine art, rather than craft. Described by his partner and our contact, Marty Grund, he is a “Lutheran in the Lake Wobegon sense.” That is evident in his design for the Memorial Library starting with a very abstract but accurate Luther’s Rose with a distinct line following right towards the center of an open Bible.
Both Alan and Marty wanted to know something about the women whose memorials provided for the stained glass. Jan and Jeanette were instrumental in the setup and organization of our incredible Memorial Library along with Lois Schultz who is now at the helm. In addition, few may know that Jan and Jeanette also set up and cataloged our extensive music library (well over 30,000 pieces of music). Knowing this, Alan embedded a special tribute to their love of music in the stained glass. For those of you who know eighth and sixteenth notes you can seek those out in the design.
Special thanks goes out to all who participated on the task force and their vision and insight to direct the use of memorial funds for this great gift. A special service and open house will be held in September to dedicate this wonderful addition to Gloria Dei.


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