"Love is Found Within"

While watching one of the Hallmark channel’s Christmas movies (yes, I enjoy them) one of the song lyrics stuck in my head, “Love is found within.” The phrase just wouldn’t leave my head. As I thought more about what the phrase meant to me, I realized that is how I feel when I walk into church for worship. We have a great Gathering Area that is full of smiling faces, people who greet you and care about you. I definitely feel the love within my church. Who wouldn’t want to come to a place where you are surrounded with love and caring?

The phrase also means the love that is found within our own hearts. When we are surrounded by the outpouring of love from our Christian family, how can we not be filled up with the love that Jesus gives to all of us? In fact, we are so filled up that it pours out of us in our actions. We love our neighbors, not just because this is what Jesus commands us to do, but because we can’t help but share this overwhelming love that overflows from our hearts to others.

Blessings on your day and spread the love within,

Joyce Pauly