Jacque Ortegel - April 24, 2019

Today my Sister Annette would be turning 60. She was called to her heavenly home at age 43.

17 years have past and we all miss her dearly. She is enjoying her new home, I’m sure.

My faith reassures that for me. Our Lord’s resurrection assures that for me.

The POWER of the RESURRECTION.....even those who were close to Jesus didn’t understand at first. Jesus called his disciples at times “little of faith”

Today, let go of that “do-it-yourself” attitude and let the POWER of the RESURRECTION live through you and guide you!

Feel that EVERLASTING JOY and the HOPE of tomorrow!

Let us pray;

Dear Lord,

Thank you for dying on the cross. Thank you for the POWER of YOUR RESURRECTION!

You live eternally to save, to grant us rich supply, to guide us with your eye, to bless us with your love, to help us in time of need, to grant us daily breath, to prepare Our mansions, to help us in times of need, to love us to the end. Thank you Lord! We know that OUR REDEEMER LIVES!!!




Jacque Ortegel