May 15, 2019

Psalm 23 is one of my favorite readings in the Bible. My Sisters and Brothers and I sang it at my Mom’s funeral. This psalm was also a favorite of my Mom’s too!

We had pictures surrounding us in our home of the Lord as a Good Shepherd and another picture of Jesus knocking on the door. My Mom wanted us to feel God’s love as well as invite others to know him and his endless love.


We are so blessed to be a sheep and a part of the herd. Apart from our SHEPHERD, we are helpless. Let us be reminded of his promises today. 

   * Having God in your life is MORE THAN ENOUGH!!

   * God will ALWAYS strengthen us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. He rest us in green pastures, THE BEST type of grass to eat!

   * God gives us instructions. God WANTS THE BEST FOR US!

   * God will protect us when danger comes. Life is not always tranquil or a mountaintop experience, we become more aware of his love and protection in the valleys of our life.

   * God will provide the best table for us filled with joy, and anoint us with the purest oil.

   * God rewards those who follow him. This psalm ends where our lives are headed-




Blessings to all the herd!


Jacque Ortegel