God Sightings!

We held Vacation Bible School last week. It is a wonderful time when the building is filled with young children, youth volunteers and adults leading the various rotations – all to learn and teach about Jesus. This year the children learned about “God Sightings” and to look for them every day. My husband, Dave, was one of the volunteers and he told me a story that I thought worthy of sharing. There were a set of triplets, all boys, enrolled in VBS. They presented a little challenge that required a little extra monitoring, but Dave wanted to make sure they enjoyed the VBS experience and was happy to have them at Gloria Dei.

Finger puppets were passed out one of the days and one of the triplets had his and found another which he took also. He saw a younger girl who was upset because she lost her finger puppet. The triplet you found the extra one saw the upset girl and promptly gave her the finger puppet he had found. He did a good deed without hesitation. He was Dave’s “God Sighting” that day. He felt that this one experience was worth whatever minor challenges the triplets presented. It made his day.

I encourage you to go around today with open eyes to the “God Sightings” that are around you today! I guarantee that when you see one, it will make your day! Then create a “God Sighting” of your own that will make someone else’s day!

Have a “God Sighting” day today!

Joyce Pauly