Where is Your Treasure?

Luke 12:21
This is how it will be with whoever stores up things for themselves but is not rich toward God.

Treasures in heaven... what do they look like?
Stop by the church anytime from 9- noon this week through Friday and you will see “Treasures” of all ages all around you.
Visit Gloria Dei on Saturday evening and on Sunday .... more treasures!!!!!
Treasures on earth you can touch or not touch
Treasures in heaven is living for God’s Glory and the good of others.
We are eternally rewarded when we:
Love our enemies 
Pray and fast in secret
Serve the Lord and his people
Forgive someone 
Share the gospel 
Endure insults and persecution 

But our GREATEST TREASURE is seeing Jesus face to face!
Make your day a SUPER TREASURE HUNT!!!
Live for Jesus so you can be with him!

Blessings and love 
Jacque Ortegel