Gloria Dei Luteran Church
4501 Main St.
Downers Grove, IL 60515
(630) 968 - 6231



  • An Application for Use of Facility form must be submitted to the church office. It will include information about the nature of the group and event, the name and contact information of responsible party, the dates, times, and space requested for the function.

  • Groups and organizations of the church have full use of the building at no charge, subject to available space, as determined by the master calendar in the office.

  • Individual members in good standing of Gloria Dei may request the use of the church building for personal use, subject to guidelines.

  • Non-profit service organizations in the community may apply to the church office for the use of our facilities, subject to availability. The usage may not conflict with purpose or policies of the congregation. The staff may approve or decline any such request.

  • Other organizations or groups (besides non-profit service organizations) may apply to the church office for the use of our facilities, subject to availability. Normally, such requests will only be granted when the group includes a member in good standing of Gloria Dei, and the usage will not conflict with the purpose or policies of the congregation. The staff may approve or decline any such request.

  • All ongoing or regularly scheduled use of the facility by outside groups will require approval of the Gloria Dei Congregation Council.

  • Permission to us the building may be rescinded.


  • A Facility Use Form is to be completed by a representative of the organization after the function has been approved and added to the Master Calendar. The completed form will include a drawing of the desired set-up of the needed space.

  • Requests or set-ups of tables and chairs, the use of audio-visual equipment, etc. must be stated completely on the Facility Use Form and reviewed with the church custodian.

  • Set-up and takedown of furniture and equipment will only be done by the church staff. Building users are not to move furniture or equipment.

  • A custodian is usually available in the building Monday through Friday, 1:15 pm - 5:00 pm. Any group using the facility must arrange for access to the building outside these times. The facility must be left ready for its next scheduled use. If a custodian is needed outside regular working hours for take-down and clean-up to accomplish this, an extra fee will be applied.

  • The serving and use of alcohol is prohibited in and around the church premises.

  • Church-owned musical instruments may be used only with the specific permission of the Director for Music or the Senior Pastor.

  • Groups that wish to have a piano tuned before an event may make the request to the church office. Only the church's piano tuner will be allowed, and the group will pay the expense. Tuning will be done as close to the event as possible, but will be done on a schedule convenient to the church and its tuner.

  • When minors will be present in the church facility, the group must provide the church with a written plan on how they will be supervised. All supervision must be consistent with the Gloria Dei Safe Church Policy. Depending on the circumstances, the group may be asked to supply additional information, such as permission letters from parents/guardians, medical and insurance information, etc.

  • Groups using the facilities may use the kitchen facilities to make coffee. Cooking or food preparation is not allowed. Groups renting the Fellowship Hall may serve food that has been brought in by a caterer. All groups must provide their own supplies and equipment such as cups, silver, serving bowls, etc.

  • Each group or organization must designate a representative who will consult with the church staff in advance of the event and be responsible for:

    • Custody of a key or security key, if needed, and unlocking and relocking all doors and windows.

    • Regulating thermostats for heating and cooling, according to instructions.

    • Accounting for damages to the facility.

    • Basic clean-up, such as putting trash in bins and otherwise leaving the room in the same condition as at the beginning of the event.


  • A deposit of $50 is required for the use of all card keys to the building, which will be refunded when the card keys are returned to the office and all other required fees have been paid.

  • If a custodian is required (outside regular working hours) the fee is $25 per hour, with a two hour minimum.

  • Room Usage Fees (per day):

    • Fellowship Hall, Worship Area, Gathering Area

      • $200 - less than 4 hours

      • $300 - 4 hours or more

    • Classroom

      • $20 - less than 4 hours

      • $30 - 4 hours or more

    • Lounge, chapel, library or double classroom

      • $25 - less than 4 hours

      • $50 - 4 hours or more.

    • Kitchen (if used by a caterer)

      • $150

  • Groups are responsible for damage done to any church equipment or furnishings. There will be a fee of $25 per damage incident, in addition to the cost of repair or replacement by the church.

  • The staff may waive or modify the above listed fees at their discretion.